GS1 - Environmental data logger

Wireless environmental monitoring...
  • Wireless environmental monitoring
  • Industrial Quality
  • WiFi, SIM or Ethernet
  • With LCD display
  • IFTTT compatible


The UbiBot GS1 was developed especially for industrial use and is available in three versions: WiFi only, WiFi and SIM card and WiFi and RJ45 Ethernet cable. The GS1 device measures environmental data around the clock at the speed you specify, uploads them and stores them securely on the UbiBot platform. No matter where you are, you can view sensor readings at any time on the UbiBot app or the Cloud. 

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UbiBot GS1 - Data logger with WiFi

149,00 € *

UbiBot GS1 - Data logger with WiFi and Ethernet

179,00 € *

UbiBot GS1 - Data logger with WiFi and LTE

239,00 € *