Wireless environmental monitoring...

GS2 - Environmental Data Logger

  • Wireless environmental monitoring
  • Industrial Quality
  • WiFi, SIM or Ethernet
  • With LCD display
  • IFTTT compatible


The UbiBot GS2 provides more accurate EC / PH measurements with durable external probes connected. It monitors PH value and conductivity in the hydroponic nutrient solution, temperature and light continuously and in real time. The GS2 has a 4'' display which indicates all readings clearly. On the top of the screen is the status bar. The status of battery, network connection and data uploading will be displayed. The backlight can be lit for easier operation at night. Wireless access is achieved by connecting the GS2 device to WiFi or mobile data.With network connection, it contacts with our UbiBot Platform and uploads all the data automatically. Thus, users can view the data by mobile devices, such as mobile phone, computers, etc.


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